Stan and Ollie

Ollie: “Who were you talkin’ to?”
Stan: “I was talkin’ to Fanny.”
Ollie: ” What’d she say?”
Stan: “She said we can’t go out tonight, that we have to go straight home.”
Ollie: “Why?”
Stan: “She’s got a surprise for you.”
Ollie: “What else did she say?”
Stan: “She told me not to tell ya’ she had a surprise.”
Ollie: “Well, don’t tell me.”
Stan: “I won’t, I can keep a secret!”

The best dialogue

LOLA: Tell me ’bout my dear daddy, is it true that he’s dead?
STAN: Well we hope he is, they buried him!
LOLA: What did he die of?
STAN: I think he died of a Tuesday!